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Slow Fall Jigs for Sale


Hi everyone, just want to give everyone a good lobang on slow fall jigs in Singapore. You can get good priced jigs at bakgalfishing shop. Prices are between $5-$6 thereabouts and the colours are really effective. You can find tenya jigs and madai jigs at the shop too.

Correct Fighting Position Techniques


Hi all,

Here's a good guide to fish fighting positions while doing offshore fishing be it in Singapore (Changi, Southern Islands) or Malaysia.

New Singapore Fishing Blogs and Websites!


Guys, this blog has been inactive awhile due to very busy schedule but i will try to update every now and then.

This blog is originally about blogs and websites that are from Singapore that does Singapore fishing and tackle shops.

I will be checking out the existing links and removing dead links while adding some new blogs from time to time.

Mathew and his Singapore Kayak Fishing adventures!

Baktao Heaven's Very Own Catch Report Fishing Blog

Thoptimum Fishing Singapore with Henry also known as Ah Ho

Singapore based Lazy fishing

Anglers Outfitters Singapore Fishing Catch Reports

The Tackle SHop directory


Had just created a new blog to share address and contact of tackle shops. Hopefully this blog may help you guys locate tackle shop whenever you travel. If you have any to share pls do drop me a msg

Singapore Fishing Blogs Directory


Sometimes when i'm boring and got nothing to do i tend to go search for fishing blogs to read but i'm no good in searching for them . But now we have this wonderful place with just a few clicks to so many blogs, many thanks to nigel aka TT kekeke but his now in the NS so not much time to update anything.

I'll be doing the updates from now if there is any lol

Drop a msg here for us if you have a blog to share